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    I have a small request, can you please le me know where can I find the function to edit (more…) that appears below post summary on index page, I have tried a lot but just not abel to find this text and not able to disable this . Also how can i align both post title and text , currently there is slight margin compared to title and body. I will really appreciate your help.

    This is for simplifiedblog template for wordpress.



    Hi deepak,

    I am glad you are interested in the theme.

    1) To edit “more” text look here:
    in content templates in the theme you can see the_content() or the_excerpt() tags, modify them as explained in the previous link. For example:
    <?php the_content('I want to read more!'); ?>

    2) Look into style.css
    Go to line 131:

    .postcontent, #comment-area {
        margin: 1em 1.4em 1em 8%;

    Change 8% to 2em, it will make postcontent on the same line as the title.

    Be aware that all the changes you make to theme files will be overwritten when the theme is updated. If you plan to make serious alterations – you should create a child theme.



    Thank you so much for your email. I really appreciate your response.

    I tried using the code you sent but it does not seem to work. Is there a way I can simply remove the (more..) completely.

    Thank you! again



    Read the article in the codex:

    There are different ways to do that.

    The article suggests:

    If the_content() isn’t working as you desire (displaying the entire story when you only want the content above the <!–more–>Quicktag, for example) you can override the behavior with global $more.

    global $more; // Declare global $more (before the loop).
    $more = 0; // Set (inside the loop) to display content above the more tag.

    You should put that code in the index.php and/or category.php before the

      if ( have_posts() ) :


    Really appreciate your response. I could finally fix it with adding a function.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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