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Robin Katz asked 1 year ago

Is it possible to show all comments below the post? Interested in either post view and/or homepage view?

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PCoffee Staff answered 1 year ago

What do you exactly mean by showing comments below post view?
Switch them with the comment form, so they’ll come first?
It is possible to do that by editing the theme. The best way to do that is by creating a child theme. it is pretty simple if you know some about html. See Child Themes in Codex.
Including all the comments below every post on the homepage is not usually something that people do (because with many posts/comments the page can become pretty heavy), although it is still possible through the manual editing of the theme files.
If you have some basic knowledge of html editing and will create a child theme yourself, I can help you with code (point out what exactly need to be moved and where).

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Robin Katz answered 1 year ago

Thanks for your quick response.
What I mean is that on my homepage,, you have to click on “1 comment” to see the comments.
I know that most sites would rather click through to comment threads, but in this case, we are creating the site FOR comments, so would want the comments to be as visible as the post content.
I’m very familiar with HTML and CSS, but just couldn’t see how in the theme or WP setting to makes the comment box and thread visible on the homepage, not just at

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PCoffee Staff answered 1 year ago

Wordpress work as follows:
There is a thing called “loop” and through it the posts on shown. Posts use content.php for their innards.
Showing the index.php (the main blog page) wordpress generates code from the following blocks:

index specific header

content.php (of the first post)
content.php (of the second)

index specific footer

For single post, wordpress uses single.php template:

single specific header

content.php (of just this one post)

single specific footer

The Comments template is called in the “single specific footer” part.
So, if you want comments to appear after every post (in both homepage and single post view). You should call them in content.php instead of the single post specific template.
That way comments template will be shown for every post.
Hope that helps.

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