Sites like Themeforest try to convince you that all you need for your new website is a premium theme. This is not true.

Premium theme is not enough.

The truth is: unless you want a simple portfolio blog, a premium theme will not be enough for your website. You will have to pay for customisation, search for plugins, waste time on freelancing websites.

So what do I suggest?

The Solutions

Time is money. Instead of buying a theme that you have to install and customise yourself or hire freelancers to do the changes, you can get the personalised design for a price of just two premium themes. I will use one of my base themes to create your custom design. Thought out quality customisations done specifically for your website. I will add features you need and disable unneeded ones - to make your website faster.

You are getting a html5/CSS3 responsive mobile-ready theme custom-made for your purposes.

Based on one of my three basic themes

You get any design you want

Crucial advantages

Design costs less

Because "base themes" are made by me, I know them perfectly. Naturally it takes me much less time to customise and prepare everything.

Support is better

I value communication. No tickets. As soon as you are ready to buy the base-theme plan I contact you directly and we discuss how everything can be done.

Code is robust

As all themes use the common core code, when any problem is detected, the fix is applied to all the themes.

Updates are regular

Your theme gets updated often, along with fixes/improvement in the common code. If you have the Total Design package, you get priority updates built exclusively for your theme.

Prices are tranparent

You pay for a finished product, not something that will need adjustment and customisations.

The offers


Theme installation. Setting up SEO plugin, social media sharing, jetpack, contact forms, bbpress, buddypress, other standard plugins. Small theme customisations (colours, fonts, font sizes, header image, etc).

Custom theme

Complete theme for blog/magazine website. Adapting theme to your content. Changes in layout, custom javascript, plugin installations, customisation, SEO.

Total Design

Unique design. Building website with advanced features: user-submitted content, non-standard layout, multisite. Special effects, custom plugins, etc. Your exclusive update tracker for 2 years.