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Tim G. asked 3 years ago

Thank you for creating and making available your “SimplifiedBlog” them for WordPress. I’m creating a personal blog and absolutely love the theme.
In the sidebar widget area i have some widgets that create readable text inside the widget boxes. Examples include a “Shoutbox” widget and the Jetpack widget, “Display WordPress Posts”. I use the latter to display recent posts from another blog.
My question is whether or not it’s possible to enlarge the text that’s located inside these widgets somehow utilizing the themes css file. I’ve not much experience with CSS although i’ve tried to manipulate some of the “em sizes” to see if that would work. So far i’m unable to narrow it down to the correct area or if it’s even possible.
I’d just like to make the text in these widget areas a wee bit larger so that it’s more easily read. Any advise or direction would be very much appreciated.

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PCoffee Staff answered 2 years ago

Thank you for your interest!
The simplest solution would be including css statement like:

.sidebar .widget-side { font-size: 120%;}

You can substitute 120 for any number you like.
If you want to edit distances between lines as well you can use line-height:150%; property.
This however will make all the sidebar text bigger.
If you want to target specific widgets that might be trickier. Jetpack does not provide any specific tags to target (I don’t know what shoutbox you use, maybe it is different story).
One option is to find similar plugins that allow styling.
Hope that helps!

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