Ralf asked 4 years ago

I am using your theme for digital signage displays and was able to customize it so far.
There is one thing left I wasn’t able to do: I would like to extend the width to 1920px. What changes do I have to make to get it to do that?
Thanks in advance.

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PCoffee Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ralf!
The quick and dirty solution would be including the following code in your css:

.tlo {
    max-width: 1920px !important;

the “!important” part will ensure this css will overwrite whatever is selected in theme settings.
Content and sidebar will scale accordingly.
Let me know, if you have further questions.

Ralf replied 2 years ago

quick and dirty works great for me and this special situation. Thanks for your quick response!

PCoffee Staff replied 2 years ago

Glad I could help :)

In reality that is a fine solution. The theme’s width setting does exactly the same: sets max-width either to 1400px or 1600px.

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