No need to pay full price for total redesign if you just need to have some part of your website fixed. I will help with your website charging an hourly rate ($30/hour) and do everything quickly.

Some issues that can be addressed under “customization” offer:

  • Somebody designed a WP site for you and it does not work properly with new WordPress versions.
  • Your theme has right sidebar but you want left sidebar.
  • You website does not look good on mobile (text too small, layout broken).
  • You need to make your theme “responsive”
  • You want to change the colors of your website entirely.
  • You want to add logos, affiliate links, new menu or widget area.
  • You want to add social icons to your site.
  • You need to add proper comment system to your website with Facebook log-in, etc.
  • Your website is too slow, you want to remove some plug-ins but don’t know which.
  • Your plugin is incompatible with the WP theme you use but you still need it.
  • Your website does not display properly in Microsoft Edge or Opera or some other browser.
  • You want to build your site on Simplified theme, but add some additional features.


Contact me right now, describe your idea and I will quickly get back to you with my price offer.


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