Through my work, I came to understand that there can be no hosting that is cheap, unlimited and quality at the same time.

There is always a compromise, a caveat to all the promises of limitless possibilities for only 3.99 a month.

The truth is that nobody offers truly unlimited traffic/storage space and promises of 99.9% uptime are not always exactly true either.

Shared hosting is shared hosting. It is cheap and hence less reliable, slower, less customisable than VPS or more expensive solutions. If it weren’t, nobody would buy servers, right?

I have hosted my sites on Bluehost and Euro-Space. Eventually, I had to search for better (and more expensive) hosting. Now I am using TsoHost Cloud Hosting (former Vidahost).

I have used them for more than 6 years already and so far I pleased. They had couple of outages (maybe 2-3 hours total over the years), but nothing critical and support is working properly. I can recommend you Vidahost hosting. Now I am using the Business Cloud Package with 50GB of space and unlimited traffic, costing 90 pounds annualy.

You can get hosting even cheaper by using a special poisonedcoffee10 coupon code at check-out. You will get 10% off from your first hosting bill.